I recently discovered easyeda.com and began transitioning my hand drawn diagram to my project on their site!  So far I am creating a duplicate of the hand made diagram (with color!)  From there I have some options.

I can try to optimize the visual layout or create another diagram that pulls away form the ladder and draw more of a schema legend that shows the physical layout of switches, boards, terminal strips, and plugs.

Or, I can jump into the project behind the project.. Installing a panel mount meter for milliamps. so I have less dependencies on all these external connections and devices.  Connecting the meter is the first step.  If that goes well enough I may look into replacing the external voltage limited current supply and/or gutting the standard PC power supply and fitting it into this large tester box, creating an all in one place device!!

As I close in on completing my degree I have to think about simplifying some of the tools and procedures I use so they will be easier for the next guy to understand or utilize.