Bigotry  is defined as intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

I find it astounding the number of groups that preach acceptance and practice bigotry.  I experience this on a regular enough basis to get fired up and write about it here shortly.

The issue present is that law change comes from social change and social change comes from public shaming.  Public shaming is bigotry, so it takes bigotry to rid society of bigotry.

Take it a step more detailed.  Socially acceptable bigotry, the public shaming of others with socially unacceptable views (racism, sexism, etc), is needed to overcome the socially unacceptable bigotry (racism, sexism, homophobia).

This means that for better or worse our progression toward a more accepting and tolerant society will be wrought with the dirty deed of exacting bigotry of those holding views at the outsides of our society.  I personally prefer the idea of acceptance, and change through discussion and social discourse, but this I am told is not nearly as effective as other means such as public shaming.

So why bigotry discussion and why today?  Well I wanted to discuss some issues and was referred to a group of individuals with whom I should be able to have good discourse with.  Instead of discussing ideas in terms of ethics or business or design they chose again and again to show bigotry towards me.  I held an opinion that I wanted to discuss that was against their own, and all I got back was bigotry, an intolerance of my presence holding views and expressing opinions different from their own.  So whether its an online forum or chat server, your favorite game, or simply your church, look for signs of bigotry, AS DEFINED, and discuss it!

You will be amazed how rare acceptance is.  How common bigotry is practiced.  And how quickly you can be marginalized by trying to open discussions.