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My favorite mug.

Yes this is fresh ground beans brewed through a french press and finished off in Keto fashion using some coconut oil and heavy cream.  Though today’s story is not the Keto coffee but the mug holding it.

My best friend is the absolute best at gift giving.  He will listen to a complaint then gift the solution whether you recognized the complaint or that a solution even existed.  I like coffee and I drink a lot of liquid.  I am also rather lazy and would rather have one mug hold two mugs worth than prepare two mugs for drinking.  The reason behind this gift was that it holds a lot of liquid, and it was a throw back to a  Nightmare Before Christmas theme in my early 20’s.

I recently broke the handle off this mug and was disappointed.  I knew I could figure something out, and here it is:  An amputated mug!  I used my Dremel to cut and grind the handle down close, and took the time to smooth out a couple other nicks along the lip of the mug.  I then used some rub-on poly to put many light coats of sealant.  I was nervous but the mug has been holding strong for several months now.

I used to think I had everything figured out.  I still get stuck in my own viewpoints from time to time.  Things like this mug and my best friend remind me that there is a whole world of connectedness that I have yet to understand.



Keto adapted

To date have lost 70lbs in the past 10 months or so by using the science learned from the ketogenic process and following the keto diet.  I eat a lot of the same foods because they taste good, are easy to store, eat and consume, and the flavor profiles and textures vary enough to keep me mostly satisfied.

I decided this morning I would try the delicious steak egg and cheese bagel from McD’s without the bagel.  This is the beauty they placed before me!  It did not have the extra slather of butter that is present in the bagel form, and the bottom most slice of cheese was stuck to the McNugget  box they served it in.  None-the-less it was delicious.

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