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My Market Niche: YT Camera Upgrade and Research

Audio, Video, and the final product.

Audio is easy.

Audio is simple. All the small mics and built in mics will likely suck for one of many reasons, so look toward a Blue Yeti as the simple, affordable solution. If you want something deeper, I did the research and found the solution!

Hang a Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic off a quality swing arm then xlr plug into a future proof Yamaha Mixer w/ USB attach the power to the mixer and connect the usb to your computer. You now have the basics of enthusiast audio recording that will serve well into the beginning of any professional vocal work etc.

The Video Product Groups

  • webcam (Logitech)
  • video camera (Panasonic etc)
  • action cam (GoPro)
  • photography cameras (Canon, Sony, etc)
    • Swappable Lens (DSLR/ Mirrorless)
    • Fixed Lens (point and shoot)

Pros – Ultra Low Cost (sub $100), Easy Process
Cons – Limited quality, choice, features, small sensor

Webcams are often used to add a visual component to communication that would likely take place otherwise. The quality serves the price and function, mediocre. These cameras at best bring a good value for price and simplicity of use, but they require some finesse and serve as a starting point of quality, not a finish line.

I currently use the Logitech C920 ($60). The C920 audio is trash. The purchase of a Blue Yeti ($130) usually follows the initial C920 purchase. I would budget for the both of them. The Blue Yeti and C920 combined become a power duo that rules over the kingdom of all the typical consumer grade solutions found by the average individual. They can certainly take you far, but they do not cut their teeth into a hobbyist or enthusiast solution.

Video Camera
Pros – Mid Cost ($500 or so), meant for long recording time
Cons – built to zoom, not vlog style, auto-focus not a priority, small sensor

The video camera segment leans the product toward focusing and zooming at distance, the market does not buy a video camera for macro up close shooting, they buy it for recording a family vacation, a wedding or anniversary, or maybe family holidays and birthday parties. Therefore the video camera price, purpose and size reflect a quality of picture that is good, but they do not use big sensors, and they are the furthest away from serving my needs.

Action Cam
Pros – Low to Mid Cost ($100-500). durability, small size
Cons – fisheye lens, auto-focus not a priority, small sensor

The action cam is used equally for photography and video, it is built with a fisheye lens, durability, compact size, and the ability to look mediocre or above in any given situation. The focus is not shoot composition, it is for capturing shots that are not going to be replicated. The price for these halts around $500. Some of the models allow scaled down modes and settings to help negate the fish-eye look. Due to the small sensor the action cam’s have low light issues. I respect the advances this market has made and their value proposition, but I would be shoe horning the action cam into my needs.

Photography Camera
Pros – large sensor, auto-focus, great auto settings for balance etc.
Cons – Mid to very High Cost ($500 – 1,200++), overheating concerns

Photography cameras include the widest choice of product offerings. Annually, the industry pushes out updates to a plethora of different product lines. The market has several brands in the space at varying levels of success or death. The naming conventions are mimicked and mocked from company to company and the numbering schemes create a feeling in my gut that could equate to the sight of two children using alphabet spaghetti o letters vomited out as play pieces for Scrabble.

The styles and product lines in the photography space make the research nearly unbearable. Though this is the product space that caters to a mantra of the latest greatest everything. They create the latest greatest auto focus and test it against swirling ice skaters, recording to see how well the camera can quickly identify, track, and focus on a face that inevitably spirals back out of view.

With the performance comes the complications, as well as the price. To say the complication is price alone is to be ignorant about the beauty of the webcam. The humble humble webcam has one serious advantage that I built my workflow upon, plug and play with PC in real time. More specifically, two important aspects:

  • connects directly to computer with USB
  • Allows me to live view/record on PC

The Process

I built the process upon the use of a webcam and audio source that feeds into my pc. Therefore I use software that records the video and audio at the same time. This removes one step in editing, the need to sync the audio with the video. I also decided to use a green screen which works fine with my software. Something that could be done in post production but is easily done at the time of recording.

The Complication

The video cameras, action cameras, and photography cameras all require additional software and/or expensive capture card hardware to let the computer record through the device. Therefore increasing the price and complexity of a better quality solution. Capture cards cost from $100 to $200 or more. Though the challenge is not isolated to just needing another piece of hardware to interface. The purpose of the connection and feed is for a remote display like the LCD found on the camera itself, not to be used as a method of recording, therefore you have to hunt for and research which digital cameras in your price range have what has been nicknamed “clean hdmi”. This means that the settings on the camera allow the hdmi signal that will be used to have zero user interface overlays, unlike the display on the back of the camera.

The Resolution

After many nights of research ending at 4am my editor and friend had enough of my obsession. She told me that my tenacious research has value, but I also need to consider the health and stress costs of this research. She was right, I felt that I was closing in, ultimately I had to accept that even with redefined parameters no amount of research was going to create a perfect product that didn’t exist. I would need to part ways with a chunk of money, for a less than perfect product.

I will admit I deviated into the realm of live production cameras and Blackmagicdesign products. I found myself researching 3g and 6g SDI setups and solutions for problems I did not have. Then I realized it was time to put my research to practice and make a decision.

I had zoned in on a sweet spot of value. Cameras a few years old but still 1080 video capable, with solid auto-focus, as well as image stabilization built in. Clean HDMI output was a MUST, and I had to steer clear of models with known overheating issues.

Then I tried eBay. I am an Amazon fan through and through, but for certain used or imported products eBay can still compete with Amazon on price, if not demolish Amazon on price. I found a plethora of results and didn’t want to be scammed, so I sorted for locality at first, then I did some seller research. I settled on a reputable seller from Idaho (iirc) that is a pawn store! I picked up the camera and all its accessories in the picture for about $100 less than the used price on Amazon.


It may not be the perfect product at a fair price, but it should prove to be one hell of a great product for a price I never imagined! Now we wait for its arrival to see what did and did not come with it. Then I need to go back for a touch more purchasing, though most of the research is concluded already. I will need a capture card, a storage card, and maybe a cable or two for the setup. I may need a better tripod/mounting situation as well, but for now we lavish in the good feeling of research begetting action.

Camera Link – Sony DSC-RX100 iii


Dear TeamLiquid,

I am known by many names.  Team Liquid General Manager is not one, yet.

Here is my brief outline regarding the current needs of a LoL team to rocket into the top ranks of the NA scene and structure itself for international success within the next 3-5 years.  Steve Arhancet hit me up if you give this a read.

Competitive Team Systems

In a competitive team sport environment you need a myriad of tools, structures, and systems in place to grow and keep a competitive edge.

This can include simple concepts as executed in volunteer pick-up organizations where you meet your players with a level of commitment that they are prepared to give, thus allowing them space to grow without overwhelming and pushing them away.

In a professional organization we need to have the flexibility to look with a wide lens while also focusing in on pain points.  We employ systems that bring the most value across multiple timelines.  We want the players and staff we currently have to put forth the greatest results possible, while growing new talent, and honing existing systems. We execute on the timelines of now, next week, next month, next split, next season, and several seasons from now.


Communication takes many forms in many industries and organizations.  In a competitive team environment we need multiple forms of communication styles and channels dependent on the environment.  While competing we need to have a very lean and effective communication system that allows the information to be sent downward and upward as fast as possible to the parties that need the information.  We do not need to crowd the communication channel with doubt, hesitation, or distraction, we need to pipeline vital information as the environment changes, and deliver instant decisions.  We must also have logistical and lexical frameworks in place to aid communication speed and effectiveness.  Outside of competition we need to have communication that allows players to aide one another to growing into the best players and teammates that are possible.  We want communication between staff and players to feel more authentic but still have a sense of authority when we need to bring the team into concentrated focus.

Pre-Match Scouting:

To know the enemy strength and weakness allows an upper hand in our strategy.  It is significant to have a set of data and information with which to draw from prior to facing your opponents.  This allows custom strategies to be created that punish the repetition found in the enemies movements.  Repetition in strategic situations allows predictions to be made, to be fleet footed and versatile in our strategy allows us to sidestep and counter attack the enemy executing their preferred strategies.

This goes well beyond pick/ban phases but into the game-play itself.  We can scout routes and set plays and train to withstand and reverse these repeated tendencies of our enemy.  While fundamentals are important for our players to execute on, we must ultimately reach beyond the fundamentals through the use of support staff that can provide brief breakdowns of enemy habits that are often repeated and useful for punishing.

Team Strength and Diversity Planning:

We need to identify our styles as individual competitors and as players on a team.  We create and identify our roles, we cover our weaknesses, and we make sure our structure is solid.  We also create audibles in our base team structure to overcome diversity.  If a player has to play away from their style, or the plan does not work as strategized,  we want the ability to drastically change our approach on the fly in the match in order to overcome the diversity and execute on our win condition.   As teammates we need to spread the burden of team responsibilities.  As individual players we need to identify our style and strengths then aid the team composition armed with this knowledge.

Post Game Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses:

After competition is over we want to identify our strengths and weaknesses.  Where did we fault when we didn’t need to?  Where could we have punished but didn’t see the opportunity?  What did we do correctly and did we capitalize fully on that strength? What was our win condition?  Did it change as the game progressed?  What was the enemies win condition?  Did theirs change as the game progressed?  How did we weigh and evaluate both of these win conditions in game and how did it effect our gameplay?


Moving the line forward:

We want to move the line forward in NA Esports by taking a systems approach from our subs to our vets all working equally as teammates trying to put forth the best roster our team and brand can allow in any given week, split, or season.

We create a foundation of player strengths and weaknesses and play styles and team roles.

We develop a base line strategy and audibles given the roster we currently have.

We create a lexicon for communicating in game.  We create simple practice drills for this communication.

We create a baseline method for efficiently scouting enemies and developing per match strategies including pick ban phase and in game win condition strategies.

We leverage growing new talent to further hone older talent while our support staff hones the systems we create and pivot when needed.




Bigotry Spotting

Bigotry  is defined as intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

I find it astounding the number of groups that preach acceptance and practice bigotry.  I experience this on a regular enough basis to get fired up and write about it here shortly.

The issue present is that law change comes from social change and social change comes from public shaming.  Public shaming is bigotry, so it takes bigotry to rid society of bigotry.

Take it a step more detailed.  Socially acceptable bigotry, the public shaming of others with socially unacceptable views (racism, sexism, etc), is needed to overcome the socially unacceptable bigotry (racism, sexism, homophobia).

This means that for better or worse our progression toward a more accepting and tolerant society will be wrought with the dirty deed of exacting bigotry of those holding views at the outsides of our society.  I personally prefer the idea of acceptance, and change through discussion and social discourse, but this I am told is not nearly as effective as other means such as public shaming.

So why bigotry discussion and why today?  Well I wanted to discuss some issues and was referred to a group of individuals with whom I should be able to have good discourse with.  Instead of discussing ideas in terms of ethics or business or design they chose again and again to show bigotry towards me.  I held an opinion that I wanted to discuss that was against their own, and all I got back was bigotry, an intolerance of my presence holding views and expressing opinions different from their own.  So whether its an online forum or chat server, your favorite game, or simply your church, look for signs of bigotry, AS DEFINED, and discuss it!

You will be amazed how rare acceptance is.  How common bigotry is practiced.  And how quickly you can be marginalized by trying to open discussions.

My favorite mug.

Yes this is fresh ground beans brewed through a french press and finished off in Keto fashion using some coconut oil and heavy cream.  Though today’s story is not the Keto coffee but the mug holding it.

My best friend is the absolute best at gift giving.  He will listen to a complaint then gift the solution whether you recognized the complaint or that a solution even existed.  I like coffee and I drink a lot of liquid.  I am also rather lazy and would rather have one mug hold two mugs worth than prepare two mugs for drinking.  The reason behind this gift was that it holds a lot of liquid, and it was a throw back to a  Nightmare Before Christmas theme in my early 20’s.

I recently broke the handle off this mug and was disappointed.  I knew I could figure something out, and here it is:  An amputated mug!  I used my Dremel to cut and grind the handle down close, and took the time to smooth out a couple other nicks along the lip of the mug.  I then used some rub-on poly to put many light coats of sealant.  I was nervous but the mug has been holding strong for several months now.

I used to think I had everything figured out.  I still get stuck in my own viewpoints from time to time.  Things like this mug and my best friend remind me that there is a whole world of connectedness that I have yet to understand.



Mechanical Keyboards

I am writing up a blog about Mechanical Keyboards before closing several Input.Club tabs and forgetting this great resource.

general overview begins with learning the differences between linear switches, tactile switches, and tactile-clicky switches.  Each switch type differs in construction through an extra piece being included in tactile-clicky switches, or the contact surface having a bump/angle in the case of tactile switches.

I prefer blue tactile-clicky switches which use a two part slider to produce a click sound upon depression of the key.  Cherry MX Blue switches are the industry standard brand and switch, though the interest in mechanical switches has brought several competitor brands and switches.

Input Club has created graphs with measured data over many samples.  This research has prompted their use of the Kaihua Blue in their new open source K-Type keyboard.  The graphs and research also makes a fan of blue (tactile-clicky) switches weary of the Gateron Blue switches.

Photosensor DIY Tester Box

I recently discovered and began transitioning my hand drawn diagram to my project on their site!  So far I am creating a duplicate of the hand made diagram (with color!)  From there I have some options.

I can try to optimize the visual layout or create another diagram that pulls away form the ladder and draw more of a schema legend that shows the physical layout of switches, boards, terminal strips, and plugs.

Or, I can jump into the project behind the project.. Installing a panel mount meter for milliamps. so I have less dependencies on all these external connections and devices.  Connecting the meter is the first step.  If that goes well enough I may look into replacing the external voltage limited current supply and/or gutting the standard PC power supply and fitting it into this large tester box, creating an all in one place device!!

As I close in on completing my degree I have to think about simplifying some of the tools and procedures I use so they will be easier for the next guy to understand or utilize.

Unknown to me I already had a WordPress site.  Things are now settled.  The awesome thing is that my page has a RSS feed built in!  So I suggest you check out an rss feed app like my favorite that I use: is back!

I started this blog because I found myself struggling to make a beautiful website through HTML and CSS classes at Uni.  I have this and next week off of school so I thought it was time to try out WordPress.  Also, it was time, once again, to try this online thing.  I have issues sticking with these never ending projects because I feel overwhelmed with my lack of knowledge, artistic eye, and find my content end result low quality.

We all start somewhere and this is my start, again.

Keto adapted

To date have lost 70lbs in the past 10 months or so by using the science learned from the ketogenic process and following the keto diet.  I eat a lot of the same foods because they taste good, are easy to store, eat and consume, and the flavor profiles and textures vary enough to keep me mostly satisfied.

I decided this morning I would try the delicious steak egg and cheese bagel from McD’s without the bagel.  This is the beauty they placed before me!  It did not have the extra slather of butter that is present in the bagel form, and the bottom most slice of cheese was stuck to the McNugget  box they served it in.  None-the-less it was delicious.

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